Catalyst Performance Testing

Independent Catalyst Performance Testing and Benchmarking
CO Catalyst Performance Conversion Curve

Catalyst performance testing is used to plan catalyst maintenance and replacement timing, for benchmarking, to support research and development initiatives, and to gather independent results for investors and marketing purposes.

Test conditions, including exhaust gas composition, temperatures, and flow rates, are tightly controlled and can be customized for each application. Our experts can help select appropriate testing conditions, if needed, drawing from many years of industry experience.

We can test a variety of substrates in our lab scale reactor. Monolith test work typically uses catalyst core samples. We can also test plate catalyst, coated beads or trilobes, and packed powders. Catalyst sample sizes are dependent on the application and catalyst media.

Why Choose Environex?

Quality Results

Our catalyst test reactor uses gas which can be mixed to the appropriate client specification. The heat and humidity levels are also carefully controlled. Frequent standards are run to ensure repeatable and reliable performance measurements. The gas mixture runs through small insulated sample catalyst cores which allows a high level of accuracy while minimizing costs.


Our scientists, chemical engineers and catalyst testing operators are experienced specialists who have tested many thousands of samples. Their careful rig maintenance, catalyst preparation and attention to detail is critical to our reliable and repeatable results. They have not only tested, but have developed, coated, and provided field testwork for catalysts in many applications for many industries. This breadth of experience is unmatched in the industry.

Cost Effective

Our reactor is a bench scale reactor which is designed to test catalyst cores in a variety of gas streams which can be dialed in by client specification. The high efficiency and small size of the system allows careful control while also allowing us to keep reagent, operating, and facility costs down.