Industrial Catalyst Management Services

Active Management of Emissions Control Systems Improves Performance and Reduces Operating Costs.

Reliable performance from your SCR and CO catalysts is important to your bottom-line. SCR and CO catalyst systems are complex and require active management and maintenance to operate reliably, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Environex has the breadth and depth of experience to help you optimize emissions control performance while minimizing operating costs.

We provide an independent perspective. Independence is the cornerstone of our business model. Because we are not affiliated with any catalyst or system manufacturers, we provide your organization an unbiased evaluation of catalyst system performance and recommend the most operable and cost-effective solutions to meet your emission control needs.

Our industry-leading knowledge base has been cultivated and expanded since Environex was founded in 1991. We are a full service consulting and testing company and are ready to help you with every facet of your catalytic emissions control systems. Our diverse services range from training and system design to catalyst testing and operations consulting, as well as catalyst replacement and recycle management.