Catalyst Consulting Services

Leverage Environex’s Technology Expertise and Industry Experience to Ensure Reliable Performance and Minimize Lifecycle Operating Costs

SCR and CO Catalyst Consulting – System Design

SCR Catalyst Consulting helps ensure robust catalyst system design

Design flaws and insufficient testing and analysis of catalyst technologies can lead to poorly performing emissions control systems. Environex’s deep industry experience and extensive knowledge base can be leveraged to support proper planning for new catalyst systems and effective resolution of design issues for existing catalyst systems.

We know the best catalysts and systems available to meet your plant’s unique needs with specific consideration for your operating conditions and emissions reduction requirements. Our expertise will help you avoid costly pitfalls. Environex’s design consulting experience includes:

  • SCR and CO System Design Reviews
  • Pilot Plant and Field Testing Systems
  • Retrofit Analysis
  • Emissions Performance Modeling
  • Fast-start Emissions Control System Design
  • Technology Evaluations and Feasibility Studies
  • Dual Function Catalysts
  • Urea-to-Ammonia Systems

SCR and CO Catalyst Consulting – System Operations

SCR and CO Catalyst Consulting can help you improve operations.

As market conditions change and more volatility leads to the need for increased system responsiveness, catalytic emissions control systems are required to perform as they never have before. Environex has the breadth and depth of experience to quantify changes in operation on emissions performance and identify and fix operational problems that impact stack emissions.

Since emissions performance can be impacted by anything from fuel combustion to stack monitoring, it is critical to work with someone who understands all of the factors that impact overall plant emissions performance. Environex’s SCR and CO system operations consulting experience includes:

  • Combustor Upgrade Analysis
  • Start-up/Shut-down Emissions Control
    *including Fast-start Systems
  • Fuel Switch Impact
  • CEMS System Troubleshooting
  • Root Cause Analysis and Evaluation of Fix Options
  • Ammonia Salt and Acid Mist/Opacity Investigations
  • Catalyst Rejuvenation Evaluations

Emissions Control Regulatory and Legal Consulting

Environex serves as technology experts in regulatory and legal matters related to emissions control technology. This includes providing regulatory analysis to support the permitting process by benchmarking similar plants and offering our expertise on a consulting basis. Environex’s Regulatory and Legal Consulting Services include:

  • SCR/CO Catalyst and System Warranty Claims
  • Emissions Control System Performance Benchmarking
  • EPA Consent Decree Consulting
  • BACT Analysis
  • Title V Permitting Support