Catalyst Lifecycle Management Plans

Ensure Reliable Performance and Minimize Lifecycle Operating Costs
Turbine stack of a power plant.

Environex catalyst management plans include a customized combination of services designed to optimize emissions performance and minimize the plant lifecycle emissions control costs for your facility. Plans are customized based on your facility’s age, current and expected operating profile, permit limits, SCR/CO system design, and NOx and CO conversion requirements.

Catalyst management plans include a combination of catalyst testing, full system evaluations, maintenance recommendations, catalyst replacement services, and spent catalyst recycle/disposal management. Periodic ammonia injection grid tuning should be built into the plans for facilities with particularly strict permit limits and high NOx conversion requirements. These plans are designed to spread catalyst management costs out so that you can ensure reliable emissions control performance while having predictable, minimized catalyst management costs.

For new, under construction, and planned facilities, these management plans can be expanded to include system design reviews and baseline catalyst testing to ensure that your emissions performance is optimized from Day 1.

Catalyst management plans are available at both the facility and fleet levels. For more information, please contact us. We will work with you to develop a plan that makes sense for the unique needs of your facility or fleet. We also offer long-term service agreements.

Services for Every Stage of the Catalyst Lifecycle

Mid Stage Services

Early Stage Services
Late Stage Services
Full SCR System Evaluation

Full SCR System Evaluations consist of a combination of catalyst sample mapping, operating data analysis, and system inspection. The time-tested methodology we use in this evaluation enables us to pinpoint remaining useful catalyst life, identify the causes of catalyst performance loss, determine the limiting operating case for your system, and distinguish system problems from catalyst problems. This may include CO catalyst testing and analysis if applicable.

SCR Catalyst Testing

SCR catalyst testing is used to track performance loss and monitor catalyst deactivation mechanisms. It is an important component of a catalyst management plan and should be used to supplement Full SCR System Evaluations.

Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG) Tuning

Ammonia injection grid tuning optimizes the ammonia-to-NOx distribution at the inlet to your SCR catalyst so that the required NOx reduction is achieved with minimal ammonia slip. This helps to extend SCR catalyst life and reduce ammonia consumption and the associated ammonia salt formation on downstream boiler tubes in combined cycle and cogen applications.

CO/VOC Catalyst Testing

CO/VOC catalyst testing helps maximize catalyst life and minimize plant lifecycle operating costs. Chemical, physical and performance testing can help determine the causes of deactivation, steps you can take to reduce catalyst degradation, and the potential for performance recovery using catalyst rejuvenation.