Catalyst System Risk Assessment

Tighter Regulations Increase Catalyst System Design Risk
High catalyst system risk can result in catastrophic damage such as this thermally damaged SCR catalyst

Catalyst system risk is on the rise. Modern industrial plants are more frequently incorporating high-conversion NOx control and low-temperature catalyst designs to help meet tightening permit requirements. Although these catalyst systems are designed to improve the plant emission profile, they are high-risk designs that may be prone to premature failure.

We can help you assess and manage catalyst system risk. We can help you determine the mean time to failure and average failure rates. We understand the impact that emissions control system design and catalyst selection have on overall system reliability. We understand the impact that gas turbine-make and model have on the plant’s ability to meet permit requirements.

If you are an Asset Manager, Plant Manager, Plant Operator, insurance company, Risk Management professional, or other interested party, you may be asking:

  • What are our risks, and what impact could they have on our bottom line?
  • Why did my catalyst fail and what steps do I need to take to prevent it from happening again?
  • How can we minimize our risks so we can maximize efficiency and profitability?

Environex engineers have the field experience and technical know-how to answer these questions for your unique circumstances. With fast turn-around times, unmatched industry experience, and an independent and unbiased perspective, our engineers provide the best solutions to your problems.