SCR Catalyst Replacement Services

The Expertise to Specify and Select the Best Catalyst for Your Unique System
SCR Catalyst Replacement

As emission control technology continuously evolves, there are opportunities to improve the emissions performance of your facility and reduce the lifecycle operating costs associated with emissions control when the time comes to replace your emissions control catalysts. Environex SCR Catalyst Replacement Services help you accomplish this.

Environex has the industrial catalyst technology expertise and independent perspective to objectively evaluate which SCR replacement catalyst designs are optimal for your facility’s unique operating requirements. Environex’s SCR Catalyst Replacement Services will give you all the options and help you to cut through the detailed technical specifications and system requirements for catalyst systems to guide you to the best replacement decision for your facility at minimum cost.

The Environex Catalyst Replacement Services are available for traditional SCR and CO catalyst systems as well as less-conventional dual-function and three-way catalyst systems. Our industry-leading catalyst technology knowledge base is founded on our experience testing thousands of SCR and CO catalyst samples and providing catalyst replacement services to over 100 large-scale industrial facilities.

What we do

The typical Catalyst Replacement Services scope of work involves

  1. Reviewing the plant operating profile,
  2. Developing the replacement catalyst specification,
  3. Identifying qualified vendors for the application, and
  4. Providing a technical and financial evaluation of the vendor bids.

The bids are ranked based on the Environex rating system, which is transparent so that you may apply your own criteria to the evaluation when making the final replacement decision. This service may be expanded to include an evaluation of alternative control arrangements to determine if plant emissions performance could be improved by switching to a different emissions control arrangement.