SCR Training & Industrial Emissions Control Short Course

Learn to Operate Catalyst Systems Effectively

Topics Covered

  • NOx Formation and Control
  • CO & VOC Removal
  • Catalyst Lifecycle
  • Catalyst Management
  • High Conversion SCR (90%)
  • Impact of AGP Upgrades
  • Fast Start Systems
  • ABS Formation/Condensable Particulates

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Who Should Attend

The course is designed for engineers, managers and professionals who need to make decisions about:

  • SCR System Design and Maintenance
  • Emission Control Strategies
  • BACT Analysis
  • SCR, SNCR, Low NOx Burner Technologies
  • Integrated Boiler-SCR Design
  • Emission Control Investment
  • SCR and SNCR Reactor Engineering
  • Plant Operation & Maintenance
  • Commercial Suppliers of NOx Control Equipment
  • New Construction and Retrofit Economics
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring

SCR Training – Short Course Description

This intensive two-day course introduces participants to all the important scientific, engineering and operating aspects of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) of NOx and Combustion Technology. CO and VOC oxidation catalysts are also covered. The course focuses on the commercial and practical experience of these technologies and their operators and suppliers. This information is essential in formulating and evaluating NOx control strategies and NOx control system designs. The instructors have first-hand experience in designing, troubleshooting and servicing NOx control units for gas turbines, utility boilers and oil fired heaters. Their experience in Process Design, Control Systems, Reaction Engineering and Catalysts covers several decades of NOx control technology.

Environex offers this comprehensive two-day course on industrial catalytic emissions control technologies on an annual basis. It is designed and instructed by industry experts to provide high quality SCR Training to O&M personnel and others with an interest in the industry. This course is open to anyone who wants to attend. We also offer customized, private courses upon request. For more information on private courses, or to be notified when our next public course will be scheduled, contact us.