PGM Technology – Refining, Catalysis, Niche Applications

World-class Expertise in PGM Technology
Environex has helped major PGM Refiners develop PGM Technology to improve selectivity of refining processes

Environex has more than 25 years of experience working in the Platinum Group Metal (PGM) industry. Our experience with PGM technology is wide and varied and includes the production and scale up of metal refining processes, technical assessments of emerging technologies, PGM market analysis and high-level strategic consulting. Environex’s understanding of the PGM industry and its applications is founded on a strong chemical engineering background and fundamental understanding of the technologies used to separate and refine PGMs, as well as the catalysts which are the major application of PGMs. Our technology-driven approach to market analysis provides a more informed perspective than that offered by finance-based analysts. As such, we can more readily distill technology trends with confidence. We have significant experience helping companies with technical and engineering challenges, and also have laboratory resources to support technology development, innovation, and validation.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Process Auditing for PGM Separation and Purification
  • Novel Process Development
  • PGM Market Intelligence
  • PGM Applications Market Analysis
  • Automotive PGM Demand Forecasting and Analysis
  • Secondary PGM Market Intelligence

Examples of prior work

  • Novel Process development for PGM Refinery
  • Scale-up of a new section of a PGM Refinery
  • Automotive Catalyst Supplier Market Study
  • Secondary Catalyst Supply and Demand
  • Automotive PGM Demand Forecast
  • Automotive Catalyst Recycle Model and Forecast
  • Rhodium, Ruthenium and Iridium Technology Reports