COVID-19 Announcement

Critical Field and Laboratory Services Update

To our clients in Power Generation:

Thank you for your dedicated service to keeping generating stations running and the lights on in this time of uncertainty. Our industry plays a critical role in keeping the country going during this stressful time.

Environex, Inc. has been identified as an essential business and will continue to support our clients during this outbreak. Our field service and laboratory groups are open and ready to serve.

In addition to following the CDC guideline for social distancing, cleaning measures, rigorous personal hygiene, etc., Environex is taking the following proactive actions amid the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that we can safely support our power industry and lab services clients during the spring 2020 outage season:

  • Establishing strategic temporary regional field offices to service clients across the country – we are driving to more locations to minimize the exposure that air travel introduces
  • Expanding the driving radius from our established Pennsylvania and Florida offices
  • Limiting our field service teams to one engineer at each site. Engineers are screened for fever and exposure via questionnaire prior to departure and before entering a client site.
  • Rotating field staff to maximize the time between site visits to test for symptoms and minimize spread of the virus
  • Enabling remote work and virtual trainings/meetings as much as possible to limit possible exposure
  • Following all CDC and WHO guidelines regarding COVID-19

We expect that by establishing temporary field offices and expanding the driving radius from our established offices that we will be able to support the majority of sites across the country without air travel. Environex is also happy to set up conference calls and virtual meetings to discuss any SCR/CO system concerns you have and provide remote guidance as needed.

Please let us know how Environex may support your spring 2020 outage needs.